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Game Cancellation Policy

Starting with spring 2010, we are adopting a 24-hour cancellation policy at DYSL. In other words, if a game is cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the game, regardless of the circumstances, the team is still responsible to pay the referees.

It is also understood that if a team cancels a game (regular or scrimmage), and fails to notify the referee coordinator and the referees, regardless of when they cancel the game, the team is still responsible for paying the referees.

There are two possible ways you can avoid these charges:

  1. Check the schedule on the league website for the games. You can see if your game has been scheduled and if you need to change it or cancel it.
  2. Obtain a contact user ID for the arbiter, and check the status of your game. You can make sure your game is scheduled for referee assignment and to see if there are any referees assigned to it.

If you follow the above easy steps, we can eliminate 100% of errors. Together we can make sure all of your games are covered.

In case of a rain. If the game has already started, the referees will be paid. If the game has not started and the field is closed, then there will be no fees incurred.

All referees and teams must check the hot lines for field status, prior to departing for the fields.